No Name of Lecturers NIDN Academic Title Position Expertise field
1 Diana Arfiati 0030125906 Prof. Dr.Ir., M.S Professor Limnology
2  Yenny Risjani 0023056109 Prof.Ir, Ph.D Professor Biotechnology of Aquatic Environmental
3 Endang Yuli H. 000407570 Prof. Dr.Ir., M.S Professor Aquatic Biological Resources
4 Kusriani 0017045606 Ir., M.S Associate Professor Aquatic Biological Resources
5 Sri Sudaryanti 0009106008  Ir., M.S Associate Professor Aquatic Resource Management
6 Muhammad Musa 0007055708 Ir., M.S Associate Professor Oceanography
7 Muhammad Mahmudi 0005056007 Dr.Ir., M.S Associate Professor Coastal and Marine Resource Management
8  Uun Yanuhar 0004047304 Dr., S.Pi, M.Si Associate Professor Fishery Biotechnology
9 Mulyanto 0017036008 Dr.Ir, M.Si Assistant Professor Aquatic Resource Management
10 Umi Zakiyah 0003036106 Dr.Ir., M.Si Assistant Professor Oceanography
11 Supriyatna 0015056403 Ir., M.S Assistant Professor Aquatic Biological Resources
12  Asus Maizar S. H 0029057203 S.Pi, M.P Assistant Professor Aquatic Biological Resources
13 Yuni Kilawati 0002077309 Dr., S.Pi, M.Si Assistant Professor Fishery Biotechnology
14 Andi Kurniawan 0031037901 S.Pi Assistant Professor Aquatic Biological Resources
15 Nanik Retno Buwono 0020048404 S.Pi, M.P Instructor Aquatic Biological Resources
16 Sulastri Arsad 007078703 S.Pi, M.Sc, M.Si Instructor Water Resource Management
17 Pratama Diffi Samuel 0916038702 S.Pi, M.Ling Teaching Staff Oceanography
18 Setya Widi Ayuning Permanasari 0024108603 S.Pi, M.P Teaching Staff Environmental Management
19 Arief Darmawan 0002088005 S.Si., M.Sc Teaching Staff Mapping, Geographic Information System
20 Evellin Dewi Lusiana 0024069301 S.Si., M.Si Teaching Staff Applied Statistic
21 Alfi Nur Rusydi S.Si., M.Sc Teaching Staff Remote Sensing
22 Septi Anitasari S.Pi., M.P Teaching Staff Fish Conservation and Reproduction
23 Ekwan Nofa Wiratno S.Si., M.Si Teaching Staff Environmental Biology and Biotechnology


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